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 I regret that, due to the popularity of our on-line work, we no longer offer physical rider training.

If are a Kiwi and feel that your physical riding skills need some toning up, I'd be pleased to provide the name of a good instructor near you.

However, my experience in over 30 years of rider training is that most riders who have ridden for two years or more mainly need to build up their mental skills, their riding skills knowledgebase. Plus they should work on improving specific riding skills eacxh time they ride.

This sort of continual attention to improving one's riding skills grooves good riding skills into your riding and makes implementing the correct responses in various situations automatic.

Allan Kirk

MegaRider Organisation




 A comprehensive instruction booklet goes with each DIY riding course.



The Megarider
Crash Survival Course


When the chips are down and you are about to impact into the side of a careless driver's car, will you know what to do
or will you be like 30% of motorcyclists who crash.
They panic and do absolutely nothing to avoid the crash. They don't even brake!
To help you both avoid and, at worst, survive crashes we have put 30 years of study into our Crash Survival Course.



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An essential part of being a Megarider is to have subconsciously programmed into one's brain the essential riding skills. To do this you must make a concerted effort to apply a particular skill so that it becomes second nature.

As part of their training, NZMSC instructors must carry out a series of riding skills exercises during their everyday riding to help groove those skills. That got us to thinking: why not help other riders do the same?

So we have developed these Do-It-Yourself Riding Courses kits that contain a series of riding skills exercises to be carried out during everyday riding.

Participants get a 40 page booklet that details the whys and wherefores of the exercises and the theory behind them. They also get a template for exercise cards, one of which they place somewhere on the bike to remind them of the exercise they are supposed to be carrying out that day.

The DIY Riding Course is sent via email in a pdf file.

The advantage of this DIY Course is that on each ride you concentrate on and thus groove a particular essential skill. It's not like an ordinary riding course where you get a quick introduction to the theory, a few short riding exercises, and then you're on your own.

This is something you do every ride for a set period, depending upon the skill being grooved.

The email version costs US$25.

It would be hard to find a comprehensive riding course for a cheaper price.

We have released the Level Two and Three course kits before the Level One course kit because the Level Two and Three courses will be applicable for all riders, rather than just raw newbies.

Level Four and Five Courses are still to come but we would advise those interested to start at Level Two as the exercises build upon each other.



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