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Included in this grid are:

The number of brakes on a motorcycle.
The most effective brake on a motorcycle.
The least effective brake on a motorcycle.
The basis of hydraulic brakes. (5)
The thing that transfers when a brake is applied.
A firm that manufactures rubber braking aids.
A New Zealand motorcycle magazine. (First word: NZ bird) (9)
A motorcycle with anti-lock brakes.
A type of brake, usually hydraulically operated.
Name for the friction pads of drum brakes.
The round things that rub against the disc.
To control a skid, front of rear, ".... where you want to go."
Needed to do the above. (4)
How to get good braking skills.
A motorcycle manufacturer. (6)

The answers to the above clues are in our book; "Braking, the motorcyclists No. 1 survival skill".

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