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The New Zealand Motorcycle Safety Consultants is a non-profit body, working on motorcycle safety in New Zealand and now, through its website, internationally.

For over 40 years it has been studying motorcycle safety and motorcycle riding skills, as well as promoting and carrying out rider training at all levels.

It also works with - and sometimes against - the New Zealand government and governmental organisations in the effective promotion of motorcycle safety and rider training.

The NZMSC is made up of motorcyclists who are specialists in motorcycle safety and rider training and, as such, has had many successes in its motorcycle safety work in New Zealand.

It was responsible for the introduction of voluntary daytime headlight use in New Zealand, played a major role in a nationwide braking campaign that is said to be one of the most successful road safety campaigns to run in New Zealand, and has been a major influence in motorcycle safety both in New Zealand and in many other countries.

To help bring riders to a megarider level, the NZMSC produces authoritative riding skills books, that have been praised by riders and training organisations world-wide. Many of these are mentioned elsewhere on this site.

A variety of physical riding courses are run by the NZMSC. Without exception, these teach riding skills and concepts at the cutting edge of modern motorcycle riding technology.

Riding techniques developed by the NZMSC are now taught as part of the national motorcycle riding skills curriculum in many Western countries.


 Pupils gather at the roadside as instructors and pupils are briefed during an NZMSC Megarider Session.  

At irregular intervals, other riding courses, often tailored to the specific needs of clubs or groups of riders, are also run by the NZMSC.

The free Megarider e-newsletter, put out bi-monthly by the NZMSC, features articles on both high level and foundation motorcycle riding skills as well as item of general motorcycling interest. This popular newsletter goes out to thousands of riders world-wide and aims to make the rider a thinking rider.

The NZMSC's slogan is "We Will Save Your Life". This slogan is used simply because so many Kiwi riders have come up to NZMSC instructors and, shaking their hand, said: "Thanks. Your instruction saved my life". That, we feel, is what the NZMSC is all about.


 Allan Kirk

CEO of the New Zealand Motorcycle Safety Consultants

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