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The following books are available:


1. The Secret Skills of Motorcycle Riding, Level I US$20
2. The Secret Skills of Motorcycle Riding, Level II US$20
3. The Megarider Guide To Cornering US$20
4Golden Rules and Riding Tips: Book One US$15
5. Golden Rules and Riding Tips: Book Two US$15
6. The Megarider's Guide To Motorcycle Tyres US$15
7. Secrets of Smooth US$15
8. Megarider Questions US$15
9 Winter Riding Skills US$15
10. The Secrets of Seeing Things - Visual Skills Of The Megarider US$15
11. Megarider's Bedside Book of Motorcycling US$15
12. You Are As Good A Rider As You Think - The Psychology and
Attitudes of the Megarider US$15
13. Street Chess - The Survival Game US$15
14. Mental Control - The Hidden Skill US$15
15. Riding To The Vanishing Point US$15
16. The Secrets of Braking US$15
17. The M/cycle Engine - It's Basic Operation and Configurations US$15
18. Riding To The Vanishing Point US$15
Paper Books

1. Crashes and Crisis US$20
2. Dimwits Guide To Cornering US$20
3. The Secrets of Braking US$20
4. Mental Control - The Hidden Skill US$20
5. NZMSC Crash Survival System deluxe (US/Euro) version US$20
6. NZMSC Crash Survival System deluxe (NZ/Aus/UK) version US$20
7. Ride Like An Expert US$20
8. Winter Riding Skills US$20
9. Riding To The Vanishing Point US$20
10. Risk Management And Riding US$20
11. The Megarider Guide To Riding Pillion US$20
12. Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Riding US$20
13. The Secret Skills of Motorcycle Riding Level I. US$20
14. The Secret Skills of Motorcycle Riding Level II. US$20
15. Street Chess - The Survival Game US$20

(There is a US$8 post & packing charge on all paper books)
Riding Courses Publications

Do-It-Yourself Riding Course. Level Two : email version. US$25
Do-It-Yourself Riding Course. Level Three : email version. US$30
Foundation Riding Skills Riding Exercises : email version. US$25
Megarider Parking Lot Exercises : email version US$25

You can choose from our range of unique riding skills e-books... pay by credit card and they will be emailed to you within 24 hours! Not just a way to accelerate your riding skills, but a huge range of fascinating material gathered over our 30 year's in the riding business...all waiting for you to use and benefit from. The e-books are sent to you via email in pdf file format. You can read these files or print them out with Acrobat Reader, a program free from

We also have a number of paper riding skills books available.

When it comes to teaching yourself high level riding skills, we have all the material you will need, either in this section or in our Training section.



(NB. Should a book listed not be on the order form page, go to the bottom of the page and enter the book name in the "Miscellaneous Newsletter Special" box then submit the order.)

Details of some of the ebooks available:

The Secret Skills of Motorcycle Riding,
Level One

This e-book, with well over 100 A4 pages contains a solid core of information on the things all riders need to know. Covered in detail in the book are such things as essential riding and survival skills; what to look for and how to go about buying a motorcycle, the things you need to know when looking to buy riding gear, such as leathers, helmets, rainsuits, gloves etc; learning to ride, cornering skills; crash survival; and even how to pick up your bike if it falls over.

"The Secret Skills of Motorcycle Riding, Level One"
14 day special price US20.00
The Secret Skills of Motorcycle Riding,
Level Two

This e-book is a follow-up to The Secret Skills Of Motordfycle Riding, Level One. In this book is the core information you need to know when you move out into the chaos that is traffic.

While it may be core information, it appears to be information that many experienced riders do not know, a matter of concern for all of us.

Covered in this book are some of the riding tricks of the megarider, separation skills, riding at night, looking for trouble, dealing with life-threatening riding crises, triffic traffic lights and lots, lots more.

Even experienced riders will find that it fills in gaps in their knowledge.

"I received both Secret Skills of Riding e-books last Thursday and I
couldn't take my eyes off them. By now I have already read both and it is amazing the amount and quality of information you have manage to put into these publications."

Ramon Fernandez ..

Golden Rules and Riding Tips
Book One and Two

Each of these e-books of Golden Rules and Riding Tips contains scores of skill-enhancing tips and golden rules that can save your life or, at least, make you a better, smoother, and thus faster rider. They are the result of years of riding experience and knowledge and include tips on everything from how to handle stray dogs through how to handle a mechanical crisis to tips on ways to train yourself in various high level riding skills.

Use the e-book as you wish. You can read each e-book in one sitting, or just browse it. Or you can use the e-books as an invaluable aid to increase your skills by choosing a new tip each day to include out in your riding repertoire and, in this way, groove your riding skills to a higher level.

"Golden Rules and Riding Tips"
Book One
US$15.00 each
Golden Rules and Riding Tips"
Book Two
US$10.00 each

"Your motorcycle safety work is unique because your initial audience is New Zealand which is your home turf. And, too, the writings are not prejudiced by the United States and their all-controlling aspects, nor the attitude as evidenced by the British methods. The writings are good, well versed, and at times more telling in their direction of thought than perhaps anything seen in the past. And I have been riding many years."

Bryce Lee

The MegaRider Guide To Cornering

Arguably, the fun of riding a motorcycle lies more in cornering than in any other aspect of riding.

Cornering is THE sensation of motorcycling.

Yet cornering well is not simple. It's a complex skill requiring a lot of knowledge and the understanding of some quite complex techniques.

This e-book contains all the information you need to learn how to coerner quickly and safely on-road.

Any rider who wishes to be a Megarider should read this book.

The Dimwit's Guide To Cornering"
The Secrets Of Smooth

Perhaps the one outstanding characteristic of the Megarider is his or her smoothness when riding.

Yet riding with smoothness is not a simple thing to achieve. It is very difficult to learn how to do the hard way and even requires a lot of application when appropriate techniques are suggested for use.

This e-book calls on the three decades of NZMSC work in rider training to show the reader the best exercises to do to groove smooth riding. The e-book also provides the reader with an explanation of the philosophy behind the exercise and why it should be implemented.

Also covered in the book are explanations of a number of high level Megarider riding skills that play a major part in smooth riding.

"The Secrets Of Smooth"

 "Your book has proven to be well written and concise, an excellent source of information. I will definitely recommend it."

Brian Coppom

Winter Riding Skills

Winter riding is so much more enjoyable when you know the tricks and techniques of comfort and survival for winter riding.

This book is probably the most comprehensive book you will ever find on the skills and secrets of riding safely and comfortably in a winter of hail, snow, rain, and ice.

Just a few of the subjects covered are handling fog and ice, keeping warm on cold rides, handling wind, winter riding clothing, and riding in the rain.

"Winter Riding Skills"
The Megarider's Guide To Tyres

This is a book that contains everything a rider needs to know about motorcycle tyres - how they are made, how they work, the types of tyres there are, and at lot more, even what those mysterious markings on the side mean.

Too many riders take their tyres, one of the most important components of the motorcycle, for granted and don't know enough about them. This book is an attempt to solve that problem.

Tyres are complex objects but not mystical ones. This book will help you understand more about them and improve your riding and safety because of it.

"The Megarider's Guide To Tyres"

 "The e-books are all neatly printed and bound and getting dog eared. My fervent tearing through the text brings the same lesson as impatience on the road - failing to see things, so the pace has become leisurely.

You provide an endless number of singular points to ponder when next onboard.

Guy Stanford

Looking - The Skill Of The Megarider

The way a rider uses his or her eyes on a motorcycle is a much unacknowledged skill in motorcycling. Yet it can mean the difference between life and death.

When we are riding we must make continual mental judgments. We base these mental judgments on four things - information, knowledge, skill, and experience. Of these, information is the most essential factor - without information we have nothing to make judgements upon.

And if we aren't using our eyes properly we won't see the information.

This book looks at how we should use our eyes when riding, the tricks and traps in visual scanning, nightsight, and even covers how to keep other motorists looking for us.

" Looking - The Skill Of The Megarider"
The Megarider's Bedside Book of Motorcycling

This book is a smorgasbord of motorcycling writing.

It's a collection of articles, serious and humorous, which looks at the skills and experiences of riding.
It is a book written to be picked up and read in little chunks, a bedtime reading book to give you something to mull over as you lie there waiting for sleep to come.
Most of it has been featured in the Megarider e-newsletters, a much-praised bi-monthly newsletter going to motorcyclists throughout the world. We received so many requests for back issues of the newsletter that we decided to combine a lot of the material in this 112 page e-book.

"The Megarider's Bedside Book of Motorcycling"
You're As Good A Rider As You Think

Ninety percent of motorcycle riding skills are mental and it's the riders with the best mental skills who continually out-ride other riders.

Our new e-book "You're As Good A Rider As You Think - The Psychology and Attitudes of The Megarider" looks at the deeper aspects of how the megarider uses his brain on a motorcycle.

It covers things like the psychological control of other road users, the use of Transactional Transfers to instantly change your style of riding for the better, and how you must do an about-face in attitude to achieve true control of other road users. This book is quite unique and is the result of 30 years of in-depth rider training study and heaven-knows-how-many years of combined riding experience in the NZMSC team.

We recommend this e-book to you. It will open up areas of riding skills you've never even thought about.

"You're As Good A Rider As You Think"

Paper Books

We have a variety of motorcycle riding skills books available, covering both the mental and physical riding skills.

Many of these books cover areas and techniques not covered (or fully understood) by organisations such as riding training schools and governmental motorcycle safety organisations. This is because the non-profit NZMSC has, for the past 30 years, focused on studying and developing riding skills knowledge and techniques, rather than being diverted by running time-consuming motorcycle safety campaigns or focussing on making an (un)healthy profit.

Consequently, a lot of the content of these books is unique and ahead of its time. The NZMSC staff are constantly amused to hear overseas organisations promoting a "new", "advanced", "life-saving" technique, knowing that that very technique has probably come to their attention from the NZMSC via the NZMSC's work on the Internet.

You can pay for these books by credit card and we will send them to you - postage free if two or more books are purchased.


Mental Control - Motorcycling's Secret Skill

According to the experts, 90% of all riding skills are mental. With the lessened margins of safety in high speed riding, mental skills become even more important to a rider's enjoyment of riding.

Many of these are subtle skills that may be picked up, often the hard way, over many years of riding. Some riders never learn them. The NZMSC book "Mental Control" looks at these mental techniques of riding.

"Mental Control - Motorcycling's Hidden Skill"
US$20 including postage.


Ride Like An Expert

Readers of the NZMSC riding skills booklets kept pestering the organisation to write a light yet comprehensive book on the basic skills of motorcycle riding. This widely praised book is the result of those requests and is full of all the basic facts and techniques riders should - but often don't - know. It covers things such as maintenance, cornering, carrying pillion passengers, riding wear, motorcycle accessories and skills like hazard recognition, to name just one.

"Ride Like An Expert"
US$20 including postage.

"Loved the books you sent me and the ebooks. Still reading. Printed the ebooks and have had them bound. Keep up the great work."

Peggy O'Neal

The MegaRider Guide To Cornering

The No. 1 Golden Rule in cornering a motorcycle is to look where you want to go. One of the most common motorcycle crashes is where the rider fails to get around a corner.

And the reason he fails to make the corner is usually because he gets in a bit deep, panics, thinks he's going to run off the road, then looks off the road in the direction he's going. And, as always, his bike goes where he looks - off the road.

If the rider had looked where he wanted to go - up the road - then chances are that's where his bike would have gone.

This Golden Rule of cornering and it's implementation is just one of the many vital cornering skills covered in the NZMSC book "The Art Of Cornering - Going Around The Bend On A Motorcycle".

"The Art Of Cornering - Going Around The Bend On A Motorcycle"
US$20 including postage.

"Faced with a library like this, it is a little like being at a smorgasbord. Time must be taken to digest. Thanks again."

Guy Stanford

Braking, The Motorcyclists No 1
Survival Skill

The high level braking skill includes, amongst other things, the tricks of how not to lock the front wheel, how to control a rear wheel skid, how to avoid target fixation and knowing how to judge surfaces and situations.

In most motorcycle crisis situations, the faster the rider can stop his machine, the less chance there is of a crash occurring. And braking doesn't only help in slowing the bike. The skilled use of brakes, such as into corners, will also increase a rider's average speed.

This book is probably the most comprehensive book on motorcycle braking skills, techniques and knowledge ever written.

"Braking - The Motorcyclist's No. 1 Survival Skill"
US$20 including postage.

 The books are a good, concise read. Lots of good tips, and the collection of braking statistics is outstanding.

Cliff Bowman ..


Crashes and Crises
Learning From Other Peoples' Mistakes
We can learn from the misadventures of other riders.
We can listen to their stories and we can prepare tactics to deal with the situation these other riders have faced. Then, if we ever meet those situations ourselves, we can simply set into motion our already prepared plans.
This book is a collection of stories of some common and uncommon crashes and crises met by riders in various parts of the world.
It is funny, frightening, and thought-provoking, sometimes all at once.
For the thinking rider, it is invaluable.
"Crashes and Crises"
US$20 including postage.
Street Chess
- The Survival Game

Ask any experienced rider and he will tell you that to survive out on the roads you have to know all the moves.

You have to be able to read a situation way in advance and have your reactions to that and any possible situations arising from the approaching situation all lined up and ready to go.

Sounds like a chess game, doesn't it?

Indeed, sometimes staying safe on a motorcycle is just like a chess game and this book looks at motorcycle riding from that novel perspective.

Yet again, from the Megarider Organisation comes a riding skills book that will make you think about your riding in a new way, learning more and improving your survival skills in the process.

"Street Chess - The Survival Game"


(NB. Should a book listed not be on the order form page, go to the bottom of the page and enter the book name in the "Miscellaneous Newsletter Special" box then submit the order.) 



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