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 Allan Kirk, of the MegaRider organisation, was in his dentist's waiting rooms a while ago and got talking to a lady who saw his riding gear and started telling him about how her son had just had a crash on his motorcycle, and had broken his finger. "But", she said, "he says he wouldn't be alive now if it wasn't for what the motorcycle people taught him."

Allan grinned. He and his instructors were the "motorcycle people" her son had been talking about.

Throughout the years, Allan and his team have taught thousands of riders riding survival skills.

People he doesn't recognise come up to him in the street, shake his hand and say, "Thanks, you save my life".

And when Allan looks blank, they say "I went through your course X years ago and, boy, some of the things I learned there have saved my life a few times."

Of course, that was before the Internet. Now they email him and say:

"Thank You... For teaching Me... How to Survive... Out There !!!"
Rick Williams

"This info helped to save my life when a deer hit me and broke my leg. I was able to maintain control of the bike and come to a safe, controlled stop because I knew what to do.

Thank you for all that life saving information you have sent me and have many times use it to improve my riding skills. There have been occasions when I have had to use it to prevent a serious accident (not my fault I might add) and fortunately no one seriously hurt.
Dave B

Motorcycle crash survival rarely relies upon the rider’s physical riding ability.

It almost always relies on the rider knowing (or stumbling upon in a crisis) the correct actions to take in a crash situation. Are you willing to gamble your life on the chance that you might stumble on the right move to make in a fatal crash situation?

If not, the MegaRider Crash Survival Course trains you in the tips and tricks of crash survival and developing the techniques to minimize the severity of any crash. Better still, it will help you understand the best actions to take in a crash situation to neutralize it.

The course is a self-paced training course with 10 sessions that you can do in your own time, but must be completed within six months.

Each session is an on-line page containing the material and any illustrations covering the session subject. For each subject there is some further study to be done. This may be either a requirement to answer a question or questions on the session material, a riding exercise you need to carry out, or the URL for further reading you should do.

The homework for each session is submitted to the MegaRider organization and you get personal feedback and instruction as you submit your responses.

There is no practical riding component of the crash survival course for two reasons.
- Firstly, this is because anyone with a basic riding skills has the practical skills required to survive a crash as long as their mental skills are also up to the task.
- Secondly, we don’t think anyone would actually wish to practice crashing...

All participants who complete the Crash Survival Course get a special Crash Survival MegaRider patch.

The cost of the Crash Survival Course is US$125 and you can request a booking by emailing the MegaRider organization here.

You will then be given the Internet URL on which to pay the fee and finalize your booking.

The information in the course has been developed over 30 years of intensive study of motorcycle crashes and crisis riding.

The techniques and information in this course have saved the lives of many riders over the years and you will not find this information elsewhere.

Book now. You can’t enjoy your motorcycle riding stuck in a hospital ward and certainly not in a grave.




When that car pulls out on you, will you know what to do ... or will you do what 30% of all riders do in this sort of situation - just panic and do absolutely nothing?










 There are ten sessions in the Crash Survival Course:

Session One: Introduction

Session Two: Make Your Luck

Session Three: Pre-Planned Responses

Session Four: Seeing It Coming

Session Five: Braking And Crash Survival

Session Six: Types Of Crashes

Session Seven: How To Crash

Session Eight: Reduce Your Risk - Survival Clothing

Session Nine: Reduce Your Risk- Bike type

Session Ten: Reduce Your Risk - Survival Skills

Each session contains unique content developed by the MegaRider organisation in its 30 years of motorcycle safety and rider training work.

The information in each session has been developed taking into account:

  • - the average rider's instincts and abilities
  • - the attitudes, average incompetence, and instinctive reactions of other motorists
  • - and the things that the study of countless motorcycle crashes has shown to be the common scenario and best possible reactions in various crash situations.

To enquire about the course or make a booking, contact the MegaRider organisation by clicking here



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