When under attack by a motoring terrorist you should use Pre-planned Responses.

Pre-planned Responses are similar to the "immediate actions" that are drilled into combat soldiers until they are instinctive and lifesavers. Given a battle situation, soldiers will react before they consciously think about it. This sort of instinctive reaction is also common in the riding actions of professional level motorcyclists.

So, when the terrorist who, for want of a better name we will call Jerk, attacks, it's best if you can use learnt techniques to conduct E & E (We will cover this term in a minute). The last thing you want to do is panic and fall off the bike, because then you are at Jerk's mercy.

The actions you should take when Jerk attacks are called the IDEEL actions.

IDEEL stands for Identify, Disengage, Escape, Evade, Learn.



Learn to Identify the risks, to recognise the terrorist before he can get too close. We recommend paranoia! Have a carefully planned and rational distrust of anyone too out of the ordinary - not to the point of hostility but to the extent of planning your actions should things get dicey. The most dangerous man alive is the one who knows when to fight and when to flee - because he'll always be around.

Try to prevent the situation from becoming violent.



Once Jerk has initiated overt action, don't assume anyone will help you. The only people you can actually count on (in New Zealand, anyway) to intervene is a policeman. And since policemen are usually few and far between, essentially, you are on your own.

If you run for it, always remain in or head for a populated area or busy road. Don't get isolated. A good trick is to go to a supermarket/petrol station/dairy. Ask for directions and point in direction of Jerk.

Spend so much time in a populated area - wandering around a mall, in a shop (anywhere he'll get bored) that he gets bored and looks for easier game.

Another survival trick is the stolen car trick. It's illegal but effective. This technique involves you reporting to the police that you've seen a person of Jerk's description breaking into car. Give the terrorist's car licence number, description and location. Use a fake name. Obviously you ONLY do this if things are REALLY serious and you only do it because simply reporting to the Police that a car driver is chasing you is unlikely to get much of a response. Too often, you will be regarded as just another nutter.



But if the other driver is intent on killing you with his car rather than just getting his hands on you, you need to escape.

A good way to do this is the Reverse Pass. But for heaven's sake, DON'T DROP THE BIKE!

The Reverse Pass works like this:
The terrorist's car comes up beside or close behind. You swerve and then brake hard. The car will pass you as the driver, belatedly, goes for the brakes. Now behind the car, you make a hard and fast U-turn and go.

The dangers in this exercise are;
During braking: that you don't move far enough to one side and get hit from behind by the car. Or you may lock the wheels and fall off. Aniother danger is that if you have swerved to the side of the road to brake, the camber of the road will be steeper and you may slide into the gutter. There may be loose surfaces on the side of the road.

During the U-turn: other cars may be behind the car you've just reverse passed. Look to see what's behind Jerk before you take action.



To groove these actions, making them automatic, do the following exercises (with usual gear on bike):

Swerve and then brake hard

DO NOT try to brake and swerve at the same time. It's a sure way to crash. Swerve and brake in two movements.


Don't forget to practice doing U-turn both ways. There may come a time when you can U-turn into the side of the road.


Try zigzagging hard around set points on the road. While practising, do NOT swerve hard over painted lines, metal covers or other hazardous surfaces.



Use vehicles nearby for cover.

You can move close to the bumper of another vehicle on the side furthest from the terrorist, being aware that the terrorist may swerve at the car you are sheltering behind and make it swerve toward you.

A big advantage of a small vehicle like a motorcycle is that it can hide better than can a larger vehicle. Thus, you can use another vehicle nearby to hide behind, especially if it is large like a truck or bus.

Also, in traffic you can move through gaps the terrorist in his car cannot. Use your bike's slimness and manoeuvrability to it's fullest.



Gearchanging (Downshifting for the Americans)

With a riding buddy, get him to accelerate hard down the road, slow down hard, changing down in the process then accelerating again. Try to keep with him. Make sure you occupy different parts of the lane (ie. Left and right hand wheeltrack) and use a wide road. Preferably use a two lane road with very little traffic on it.

With care, if you have never done it before, move through traffic by lanesplitting or on service lane. This is illegal in some areas so be warned!

At 20 - 30kph countersteer through cones 10 paces apart.

Know your area. Look for escape routes during everyday riding. Look for one way streets or a motorway off ramp you can head up the wrong way (you can turn and go correct way at top.)

Fast start (Jackrabbit start)



Once you've broken contact, get the hell out of there. Avoid the original route if possible and watch your mirrors. Occasionally, do the unexpected - turn at the next intersection.

Once you have evaded Jerk, put as many miles between the two of you that you can - the farther you go, the larger Jerk's search radius becomes.

Prior to breaking contact don't be afraid to do anything illegal as long as it won't kill you. Desperate times call for desperate measures. As long as Jerk is on your tail, the best thing you can do is to attract the attention of the Police.

But once you've broken contact, be careful. Most cops will look with a jaundiced eye on your story of a maniac driver when the only evidence he has was that you were travelling at 110kph in a 50kph zone.

Do approach any cop your see and tell him your story. Just don't try to use it to get out of a ticket.


Learn from any incident you have, however minor.

Work out:
How, when, and where it developed.
What you did right.
What you did wrong.



Some riders will argue that the best way to deal with Jerk is to carry a weapon. Forget it! You aren't trained to use them physically or psychologically. Using a weapon in a crisis involves snap decisions that only intense training makes you capable of.

If you use a gun, even in your own defence, you will be involved in more legal hassles than you can imagine and when it's over you'll have ulcers and be bankrupt

Your best defences by far, are Conflict Avoidance and Pre-planned Responses.

We cannot emphasise enough that the best path of all is Conflict Avoidance.

The driver who endangers your life has either made an innocent mistake or has already come to the attention of the Police and is, in fact, probably a known criminal. Either way, it is not in your best interests to antagonise him/her.




Think About This Situation..

A few years ago in New Zealand, a woman on foot was being chased by her angry husband in his car. A rider on a small bike stopped to help the woman. The woman got on the bike and the rider tried to get away. He failed.

The husband's car smashed into the bike. The woman was seriously injured and the rider killed. What would you do in a similar situation? What should the rider have done?

Passing the course and getting a certificate



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