Of the two basics - Conflict Avoidance and Pre-planned Responses - conflict avoidance is the first and best move.

You are extremely vulnerable on a motorcycle. Always practice Conflict Avoidance - stay out of trouble in the first place. Treat other drivers as you would wish to be treated yourself. It's amazing how many of the riders who complain about the actions of inconsiderate car drivers are themselves extremely inconsiderate motorcyclists.

If you make a mistake, apologise. A motorcyclist has the advantage of being able to use body and sign language in saying sorry to people he accidentally irritates. A careful, apologetic wave or pretending to smote oneself on the head or some other sign will convey your apologies to a driver you have offended. (If you have any ideas of hand signals one can use to communicate with other drivers, please email your ideas to us. We want to compile a list of them.) Often this will prevent an incident turning into a crisis.

Keep away from cars that are obviously unloved. People who drive rough cars are often just like their cars.

But, sometimes, a driver will attack out of the blue, for no reason you can understand.

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