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A irregular intervals, the NZMSC produces free newsletters containing information on riding techniques plus a variety of lighthearted pieces on various aspects of motorcycling.

They are free and all you have to do is email us here to get them.

Include on the subject line the words "Free riding skills newsletter" and, in the body include your name and email address (if it differs from the address the request was sent from). It also helps us if you can tell us the country you ride in since we adapt the newsletters for left and right hand drive countries to make them easier for you to understand. (At an intersection, in which direction does a person who normally rides on the left hand side of the road first look instinctively - left or right? See what we mean....)

If you want to get us to email the newsletter to a motorcycling friend, just check it's OK with them, and send us their name and email address.

To the left are links to a few of the newsletters published so far.

(You may wish to download and print these newsletters for best viewing.)


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