Five Secrets of Riding


  1. In any speed contest, the person you are trying to beat is you.
  2. Preplanning riding actions for every situation you can imagine will make your riding smoother, safer, and more professional.
  3. Your line for a corner is uniquely yours. It will be based on what you do well and what you don't do well, i.e. those who like to lean to the maximum will usually design their line to use lean angle to advantage. Their turn will be tight. Those who don't like to lean will pick the straightest path through the corner to avoid leaning much. What is your style. Don't know? You must know what you are doing to either unlearn bad habits or learn new skills.
  4. Riding on the back of a bike scare you? This happens because the rider, no matter how good, will never do things the way you do? So, if you follow a rider through a corner, try to learn his PLAN, not his LINE. (And if you don't understand what we mean by this, read our book "The Art Of Cornering - how to go around the bend on a motorcycle".)
  5. If it's safe to do so, ride out a mistake to see what happens.

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