These two MegaRider riding skills books have just been released. They are the product of the over three decades we have been working in the rider training/motorcycle safety field. They contain information that should be in your mental knowledgebase everytime you climb on your bike.

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A must-get book for scooter riders. This book covers both basic and advanced scooter riding skills and is essential reading for those who want to ride swift and safe on a scooter.
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The site is the site of the New Zealand Motorcycle Safety Consultants (NZMSC). The NZMSC is a non-profit body working on motorcycle safety and riding skills promotion in New Zealand and internationally via the Internet.

Riding skills show. You can tell the expert rider just by watching him ride. What do you look like when riding? Ride and learn with the experts.

Too many road riders think that because they have great physical riding skills, they are great road riders.

But great practical riding skills only make up about a tenth of the skills required to be a great road rider.

You also need a wide range of mental riding skills - traffic analysis and judgement, crash prevention knowledge, firm emotional control, and a comprehensive riding knowledgebase - if you are to be a great road rider who will avoid the embarrassing and often painful mishaps that come when your bike goes rubber side up.

How do you get to be a great road rider?

If you go along to the average riding course, you will come out with about two tenths of the skills required. If you apply yourself and adopt a mindset of safety, you will soon build up your riding skills knowledgebase and learn the other mental skills required to be a great rider.

The most difficult thing is adopting that mindset of safety. Most riders do not have one. They have anything but.

Let's make it clear right now, having a mindset of safety doesn't mean you will ride like a timid mouse, at turtle-like speeds and never leaning further than the Tower of Pisa. Instead, a mindset of safety helps you pick and choose the time and place to ride quick and to decide when you shouldn't be pushing the envelope. is dedicated to helping you gain the riding skills knowledge that you need to enjoy yourself without pain on a motorcycle. We can't fit everything on this website, so there is more on and even more advanced stuff in the ebooks we publish.

Join us for an knowledge-gathering ride. You'll learn to recognise the Transactional Analysis mode you are riding in, how to deter and counter incompetent drivers that threaten to pull out on you at when they are supposed to Yield. You can also learn how to avoid becoming a victim of the common causes of motorcycle crashes, and so much more.

You know how to physically ride your motorcycle. Now is the time to put your mind to staying alive … and ahead.

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e-BOOKS and other books. You can choose from our range of unique riding skills e-books... pay by credit card and download them within minutes! And there are paper books available from the unique collection of high level riding skills book produced by the NZMSC. You can't learn high level riding skills unless you are exposed to them. We provide you with a way to get from us a huge range of information gathered over our 30 year's in the riding business...a way to gain skills and knowledge even your most experienced riding buddies won't know.


Fun and Information. This site is filled with riding skills information in both written form and in the form of entertaining games and exercises you can try on-line. For riders in New Zealand, our instructors, experts in their field, will get out there with you, check for any bad habits you may have, and show you tricks and techniques it is best not to pick up the hard way!


Free e-book

Observation: Bringing The Hidden Hazards Out Of Hiding

What you don't see, may kill you. We want to help you stay alive, so we are making available FREE a copy of our book on the skill of Observation.

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